Venice Residence
Venice, CA

This residence is designed for a young family of four who currently reside in a traditional California cottage on the same street in Venice, California. Their wish is for a home that can better accommodate their growing family, but in a modest, thoughtful and sustainable manner on a narrow 40' x 105' lot.

The design proposes a slender two-story bar that contains 2,500 SF of naturally ventilated interior living space, along with the city mandated two car garage and additional guest parking space. By justifying the residence to the north side of the lot, a broad band of outdoor area is created that both extends the usable living area and provides outdoor play area for the children. Taking full advantage of the mild Los Angeles climate, 75 linear feet of stacking, full-height sliding doors along the ground floor establish a fluid and continuous connection between interior living spaces and exterior yards.

Cross ventilation is achieved by both the narrow plan and the strategic deployment of operable windows and sliding doors, thus eliminating the need for air conditioning, while radiant in-floor heating efficiently heats the residence. The upper story is clad in a continuous screen of vertical rusted pipe whose patina invokes the natural colors of the drought tolerant landscape and develops a warm and modulated color palette for the building. Additionally, the pipe screen system acts as a privacy element and simultaneously animates the building by providing a visual depth to the fa├žade that changes as the sun moves across the sky.

The Venice Residence puts forward an approach to accommodating the demands of the contemporary family, while acknowledging the importance of strategic sustainable strategies infused with a comfortable and contemporary aesthetic.

The project is seeking a LEED Silver certification.

2,500 SF

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