Liner Competition

The Liner presents a strategy that inhabits a place between the fixed state of building and the portability of furniture.

The Liner suggests that beauty, utility and versatility can be achieved through accommodation, flexibility and standardized customization: a deployable and transformative system that simultaneously animates the ceiling, activates the floor space and modulates aural experience.

The Liner constitutes itself into a delicately modulated topography of suspended panels which define the area of use below and form a zone of storage above.

The Liner stakes no claim over infinite flexibility; it does promise to manifest itself in a broad range of configurations that support the diverse demands of the program.

The Liner proposes that spatial and haptic experience matter and reinforce each other.

The Liner wonders if the strongest signage in a spectacle-laden environment is the presence of quiet.

The Liner is a system of fixed and operable felt panels that inhabit the ceiling when not in use and can be lowered via a rope and pulley system to provide reconfigurable exhibit surface and spatial delineation within the existing volume.

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