Frey Residence
Venice, CA

This new residence for a family of four envisions a flexible living environment taking maximum advantage of their Venice location.

The two-story structure which hugs the north property line contains over 2,600 SF of naturally ventilated interior living space leaving a band of outdoor area to the south that extends the usable living area on this 40 wide lot. Taking full advantage of the mild Los Angeles climate, 50 linear feet of full-height sliding doors along the ground floor establish a fluid and continuous connection between interior living spaces and exterior yards. Nestled in the yard immediately adjacent to the living space is a spa/pool combination with a motorized deck which can be retracted over the pool providing a variety of uses depending on weather or functional desires.

Cross ventilation is achieved by both the narrow plan and the strategic deployment of operable windows and sliding doors, thus eliminating the need for air conditioning, while radiant in-floor heating efficiently heats the residence. The mass of the project is broken up into three elements. The ground floor is clad in reclaimed wood from the demolition of the existing residence on site which the owners lived in for many years. This elicits a shadow memory of the original house carried over into the new home. The balance of the upper floor is clad in smooth troweled stucco with the Master Suite acting as a book-end clad in painted metal siding. A large roof deck adds to the useable outdoor space and provides extensive views out over the neighborhood and to the Santa Monica mountains to the north.

2,670 SF

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