20th Century Fox: Zanuck West
Los Angeles, CA

The Zanuck West renovation consists of a complete interior and exterior renovation of three floors of production office space in the west portion of the fifty year old Zanuck Theater on the 20th Century Fox lot in Los Angeles, CA.

This 14,000 square foot project included the addition of an elevator, designing two floors of office space, and a basement level containing four editing bays and a 2,000 square foot, state of the art digital Color Timing Suite with a twenty two foot screen, projection room, and machine room.

Exterior renovations included the addition of thirty four windows in the existing concrete structure, a new entry and entry canopy, new exterior stairs and ramps, and five new skylights in the existing bow-string truss roof. The seemingly random pattern of windows was carefully composed to work within existing structural constraints thus eliminating the need for costly opening reinforcement while still providing every perimeter office with access to daylight. The projecting steel window frames further define the new renovation and help differentiate it from the existing theater to the east.

14,000 SF, Renovation

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